Plus it'll probably give you endorphins... or a law degree.

If that is, you're as awesome as Elle Woods.

I love a good movie themed secret menu drink!

The latest Starbucks drink taking over the Internet is the 'Legally Blonde Drink.' Pink, of course.

This one is totally for my next trip to Starbucks with one of my nieces.

According to Totally the, the drink is packed with flavor and only 50 calories.

So what do you order?

Start by ordering a Venti Unsweetened Passion Tea with no water.

Then as for light Heavy Cream, 2 pumps of Sugar-Free Vanilla, and 2 Stevias.

After adding the ice and shaking you’ll have your very own Legally Blonde Drink that is only 50 calories!

That's honestly not too difficult to order either, they should probably call it the 'Bend and Snap' though.

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