Got an extra $1.6 million dollars lying around?

Well you're in luck! As someone who has been going through the home buying process myself, I've been looking at a lot of houses.

Sometimes you look at the ones out of your price range just to see what kind of upgrades they have or just to day dream a little about how nice it would be to have some extra cash to afford it.

This house though... This is the definition of beautiful and apparently expensive! A home at12529 N. Weldon Rd. in Rockford is on the market on Zillow and boasts three bedrooms, four bathrooms and over 8,000 square-feet.

It's secluded and has everything you could imagine! For $1.6 million it better! It looks like a place you should plan a wedding or a company outing. So if you can afford the almost $9,500 a month mortgage this place looks amazing!

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