I don't know about anyone else's kids, but mine are little extra stir crazy after being made to shelter in place for the last several weeks.

Thankfully as more places are opening back up so are some of the parks, giving families an opportunity to things together outside their homes.

Lockwood Park in Rockford is a great place to spend some time with the family and they're opening for the season this weekend.

This Saturday, June 6th from 10a - 4p join Lockwood as they open for the 2020 season. Due to COVID-19 concerns and keeping with social distancing, not everything will be open.

Sadly as of now the playground and observatory will remain closed. Shelter and Cookhouse rentals are also on hold until further notice, but families are encouraged to come out and picnic at the park.

Pony rides, wagon rides, and the Children's Farm Barn will be open when the park opens this weekend.

For their full schedules click the link here.

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