We hope you like Red Velvet wine, because if you're going to Lolla this weekend, that's your best bet.

Don't get me wrong, concert drinks are always super pricey, but these prices seem a little higher than normal, don't they?

I have many questions. As a non-beer drinker, I wonder why there needs to be two different size cans of Bud Light. Does anyone really buy the 12 oz?

As a Bud Light "a-rita" drinker, I think it's great that they are selling the 8 oz cans because those are 8 percent drinks and you probably shouldn't chug them. Personal experience here... but at the same time, that's a pricey can!

Finally we land on the wine. Cupcake wine it great, but it's $9 at the store, maybe $13 if you're at a really pricey store. But a $27 bottle of wine? And that's really the best deal?

I'm still confused. Why are they selling bottles of wine.

Maybe I need to go to Lollapalooza sometime and figure this stuff out. Please help me, what do you think of these prices?