According to a new survey, when it comes to living in lonely places, Illinois ranks highest. Six cities made the list of the 50 loneliest in the U.S. in the Land of Lincoln (and loneliness).

What To Do When You Suffer from Loneliness


It would be easy to say move out of Illinois if you are tired of feeling isolated, but the truth is that you can feel cut off from everyone no matter where you live.

How Did 24/7 Wall Street Determine the Loneliest Cities in the US

According to its website, 24/7 Wall Street used U.S. Census Bureau data to count the share of nonfamily households living alone out of all households.

What's the Loneliest City in the US

One of the biggest cities in America is the nation's loneliest city.

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The Nation's Loneliest City is Washington, D.C.

In Washington, D.C., nearly 30% of the civilian adult population lives alone.

What Illinois City is the 2nd Loneliest in the US

If being lonely is your goal, you have more cities to pick from in Illinois than in 48 other states. Ohio and Illinois both made this list six times.

The big difference between Illinois and Ohio is that all 6 of Illinois' lonely cities finished in the top 30.


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The title of "Illinois' Loneliest City" and 2nd loneliest in the US (according to 24/7 Wall Street) goes to —

#2 - Danville

#7 - Decatur

#8 - Champaign-Urbana

#14 - Bloomington

#25 - Springfield

#30 - Cabondale-Marion

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