Jesse Palmer has always been a stud muffin, but this week he took his stud muffin to the next level.

I've learned a lot about Jesse Palmer in the last few years. I learned he used to be in the NFL and that he was once the main contestant on "The Bachelor."

Since I've been aware of who Jesse Palmer is, he's become a huge part of Good Morning America, and an avid Instagrammer.

Basically I Insta-stalk him all the time. Whatever, that's what Instagram is for, right?

Most recently he was in Chicago at a Portillo's, and of course, as predicted, my mom came to tell me about it.

"Michelle, Jesse Palmer is in Chicago, don't you think you should go see him?"

No, mom, I don't think it would be normal to go find whatever Portillo's Jesse Palmer is at and stalk him in real life, Instagram is ok, that is not.

Jesse is the latest recipient of a "Love Letter," if he could only stop hanging out with cats...

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