Dane County, Wisconsin Narcotics Task Force made a giant pot bust that was run my some folks that know their stuff. CityofMadison

Credit: Add Weed, Unsplash
Credit: Add Weed, Unsplash

"Sophisticated growing equipment," a shotgun, and enough weed to equal $1 million dollars in street value.

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For this MASSIVE bust, four search warrants were issued and the whole thing went down.


44 year old, Donald E. Alston was charged with:

  • 4 counts of manufacturing marijuana
  • In one case less than 1000 feet from a school
  • Maintaining a drug dwelling
  • Possession of THC with the intent to deliver
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
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Dude, that's huge. That's a lot of charges for the 44 year old. With four search warrants, this was an extremely complicated search and bust...check this out:

“The Task Force could not have safely undertaken this operation without the help of our partners, to my knowledge, this was one of the most resource intensive and large scale warrant executions the Task Force has undertaken, and I believe it is a tribute to the teamwork and commitment of all the agencies involved that it went so smoothly,” - Lt. Jason Freedman, Madison Police Department

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Search warrants were served at three different locations for Mr. Alston. This is something that the task force has been working on for quite a while.

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