A 19-hour search came to a very tragic end, after a Chicago man's lifeless body was pulled from the water, with his family watching.

Saturday afternoon, Michael Hernandez, a Chicago limo driver and bodybuilder, took his puppy out for a walk near the Lincoln Park lagoon. Like most of us with a dog that loves to swim, we let them jump in. It wasn't long before Michael noticed his dog was really struggling to keep his head above water. That's when Michael dove into the lagoon to try and rescue his 1-year-old pup, according to wgntv.com.

Michael's girlfriend even jumped in to attempt to save him but couldn't get through the thick weeds. She and the dog were saved, but Michael went missing.

Once out of the water, Fernandez's girlfriend called 911, but it wasn't long before Michael's body had vanished in the dark water. Several hours later, divers.

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