This is now the second time someone has died while attending a gender reveal party. What a completely unnecessary tragedy.

I think it's time we let this trend go. Someone always feels they haver to take things one step further than what they saw on Pinterest. The goal is always to make it as cool as possible. It's going social media, so it better look special. Guess what. The party is already special. There's a sweet child on the way and regardless of that baby's gender, everyone is excited for the child's arrival.

Someone set off a big pink or blue smoke bomb that sparked a wildfire that burned thousands of Southern California acres, in September 2020. In 2019, a woman in Iowa was killed when a homemade explosive used to reveal the baby's gender, blew up like a pipe bomb. The device was supposed to just spray powder and it ended up killing someone. Now, an explosive gender reveal device has taken another life.

Man Killed by Gender Reveal Cannon at Michigan Baby Shower

A 26-year-old Michigan man was killed when a small cannon device that was fired in the backyard of a home by the homeowner blew up, spraying metal shrapnel that struck him as he was standing nearby. The man was taken in serious condition to Hurley Medical Center in Flint, where he later died. A cannon?!?! Really. Why? Now, someone loved by people at that party, is gone forever.


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