This is your official reminder to drive safe this winter.

No matter what car you drive, or how long you've been driving in midwest weather, you never know what the roads are going to throw at you on any given day. That's exactly what happened to a truck driver who was driving along an exit ramp over Interstate 94 in Wisconsin.

The whole thing was caught on video.

Isn't that insane? It looks like a scene out of an action car movie, not something that happened on a Wisconsin highway. When deputies arrived, they found the pickup upright in the right shoulder of the westbound I-94 lanes.

WREX details -

Two people were already trying to help the driver, who was conscious and breathing. The driver was was taken to a hospital to be evaluated.

The roads had been cleared after the snow, but they still had slick spots. It's a good reminder that even if the road looks completely safe, it might not be as safe as it looks. There's always the possibility of black ice. And of course the sides of the road are always lined with slush and ice this time of year.
The driver of that truck seriously got given a miracle. That fall was serious, and I'm hoping they recover from the accident. So next time you're out driving this winter, remember this story. It doesn't matter if you have a truck, or if the roads look fine, there's always the chance of a freak accident.
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