The still shot of this accident is pretty bad, until you realize that this photo was captured from video---and both vehicles are still moving down the road at highway speeds while the driver of the car waves for help.

I don't believe the damage will buff right out.

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Illinois Residents Are Used To Seeing Strange Things Happen In Heavy Traffic

We're especially used to seeing things happen on Illinois' highways and roads around this time of year, particularly when it's snowy or icy. Jack-knifed semi trucks, sliding cars, trucks and vans, and long wait time due to accident clean-up are all things you see during Illinois' winters.

However, we don't have any of those conditions factoring in to what happened on I-294 Tuesday morning. As a matter of fact, as of this writing, I haven't seen any explanation of this incident, other than a recounting of what went down.

Big truck and taxi car on highway in snowstorm.
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You'd Think The Truck Driver Would Notice Some Drag On The Right Side Of The Vehicle

When I first saw the video below, that was my first thought. How did the truck driver seemingly not notice what has happened to the side of the truck? I've never driven a semi truck (and have lots of respect for those who do), so I have no idea what it's like, but I've got to assume there was some serious drag on that semi due to the car stuck on its side. Take a look for yourself:

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