In a world where we want to be the first to know and share everything, it's not a surprise that we've become a society where the most important thing in life is to "go viral." Instead of helping our brothers and sisters during their time of need, many are too consumed with standing by, grabbing their phone and being the first to upload a video of a tragedy to YouTube, all in hopes of getting a million views.

What would you do if you found yourself caught up in an emergency situation? Imagine a shooting took place on your block and an innocent bystander was struck by a bullet, a child, and she was left there alone. Do you call 911 and begin to jump into action, or does fear take over; leaving you paralyzed?

Adam Sherman had no time to think when he came to a 12-year-old's rescue after she was shot multiple times on Rockford's south side. While people stood around, with cameras in hand, Adam remained calm and did whatever he needed to do to keep her alive.

He shared a message and his heroic experience with WIFR.

Thanks for stepping up, Adam.

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