Just when you thought the toys you were buying for your kids were safe, a popular toy chain made a stunning recall.

One of the nations top toy retailers, Toys 'R' Us, which has a location in Rockford at 6449 East State Street, made a massive recall last week.

The US Safety Commission announced on Wednesday, Toys 'R' Us is recalling "about 6,000 "totally me!" clay craft kits after mold was discovered in the clay" says MyStateline.com.

Massive Toys 'R' Us Recall Announced Due To Mold Risk

According to CPSC.gov, "Mold can be present in the clay, posing a risk of respiratory or other infections in individuals with compromised immune systems, damaged lungs or an allergy to mold."

While there have been three reports of mold and no injuries, Toy 'R' Us is still asking customers who purchased "totally me" clay kits between January and October this year to return them to the store for credit or a full refund.

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