If you tried and failed, like most everyone else, another chance to score some McDonald's Szechuan sauce is on the way.

After McDonald's released the incredibly popular due to a TV show sauce, only to become infamous because the demand was higher than supply, they knew they had to fix what went wrong.

Many stores across the country either didn't receive Szechuan sauce or not enough and many Rick, Morty and McDonald's fans were quite upset.

Twitter went into an uproar Saturday morning just hours after the stuff was made available, with #SzechuanGate and #McFail being the most popular hashtags for fans to vent their anger.

However, it looks like McDonald's understands something went wrong and are going to fix it.

When we know which Rockford locations will have Szechuan sauce in stock this winter, we'll let you know.

If it doesn't we'll only have to wait 9 more seasons or 97 more years. Whatever comes first.

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