Ah, the era of soaring prices and relentless inflation in Illinois.  Minimum wage is seen as a "livable wage" this day in age, but is it really sufficient enough to keep us afloat?

As the cost of living continues to skyrocket, everyday essentials—from groceries to housing—are now priced beyond the reach of those earning the bare minimum, aka a "livable wage". If we don't consider the realistic realities of today's economy, workers won't have a genuine shot at financial stability, ever.

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Maybe now with minimum wage increasing, people can start saving a little more after paying all their bills, buying essentials, and filling up their tank starting in 2024.

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ON THE RISE: When Is Minimum Wage Increasing In Illinois?

If you're 18 or older, living in Illinois, and currently employed making minimum wage, get excited for a pay increase starting in January of 2024.

Currently, the minimum wage in Illinois is $13/hour.  That'll be raised to $14/hour in January of 2024.  Then, in January of 2025 we'll see another increase to $15/hour.

Not only hourly employees, but "tipped" workers will also see a wage change.  If you work in the service industry as a tipped employee, minimum wage will rise to $8.40 per hour.


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So, even though these increases might not seem like much, it's way better than not getting anything at all.  I hope our state continues to fight to raise wages because living day-to-day barely affording to breathe isn't how we should be living.  Period.

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