If there's an opportunity to help someone find love as an adult, I'm totally here for it.

In this day in age, it's difficult to be in the dating pool.  As an adult, it gets harder because we always seem to think it is a race against time.  Putting your heart on the line to find "the one" for you isn't always easy, shooting your shot isn't either.

I received a message from someone who crossed paths with a guy at the Stroll on State's Dasher Dash in Rockford who was really attractive, but she was too shy to ask if he was single.

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Well, if he couldn't make it anymore obvious... his sweater said "Single & Ready to Jingle".  I would HOPE he is single haha!

She did compliment his sweater, but that's as far as the conversation went.  This is where we come in to save the day - let's help her reconnect with this Dasher and see where things go!

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Rockford Woman's Search For Man Who's "Single & Ready To Jingle"

It takes a lot of courage for someone to reach out and ask for help like this - it's admirable really.  I know majority of adults would be too nervous to put their dating life on blast, especially if they haven't had much luck in the dating world.

Let's go over this again.  The guy she ran into at the Stroll on State's Dasher Dash was wearing a "Single & Ready To Jingle" sweater, he was running in the race, and she engaged with him about his sweater.

If you know anyone who was part of the Dasher Dash and was wearing that sweater, please reach out to me asap!  Missed connections can always turn into RECONNECTIONS - the beauty of love!

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