Earlier this week a story about a guy who was attempting to get in contact with a Rockford woman he met on vacation went viral.

The guy posted in the Rockford subreddit looking for a woman named Carly, who he said was from Rockford, went to NIU and worked for the YMCA. He also mentioned he met her at bar in Nashville but when he got her number he must've put it in his phone incorrectly.

To say the least, I was intrigued. Why would this guy attempt to find a woman he met at a bar in Tennessee by scouring Reddit? I thought maybe I could help him.

So I put something together and posted it on Facebook. Lo and behold, Carley (spelled with an E) came forward.


I also had a chance to talk to her on the air. Who knows, maybe Carley and this Reddit guy could be made for each other. If anything, they now have a great story.

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