Can you help get this teddy bear home?

I will never forget the story about how my brother Michael stole a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal from my other brother, Tommy.

Then, Michael lost Mickey on the monorail at Disney and terrible things happened. Until somehow, Mickey found his way home. This was before I was born so some of these details are blurry, but the point of the story was that Mickey was returned and is still hanging out at my brother's house. I think he's in my nephew's room.

That was way before Facebook, so we must be able to get this teddy bear home!

Last week, Nathan Paul Childers posted a photo of a teddy bear on Facebook that he found at O'Hare Airport.

Nathan found the bear and is taking him on his current travels until the owner contacts him, the bear is obviously super cute and there has to be a little kid out there who is missing 'Theodore!'

So I figure we'd share it too and see if we can find Theo's human.

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