Everyone loves a mobile cocktail bar, VeeDubs in Rockford, Illinois just added a new drink to their menu and it will make you feel like you're on a vacation. 

Picture this.

It's the middle of July and everyone you know... or are following on social media... is posting vacation photos.

From Italy, from Mexico, even from their own living room, and you're stuck at work.

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You need something to make you feel like you're on vacation even if you don't have any time to take a trip.

Enter: VeeDubs Mobile Cocktail Bar. 

Where Can I Find VeeDubs Mobile Cocktail Bar?

VeeDubs is a staple at Food Truck Tuesdays in Downtown Rockford, Illinois and it's my first stop whenever I head down to the Nicholas Conservatory for a food truck dinner.

There are three signature drinks that are almost always on the VeeDubs menu, a strawberry coconut drink, a mango drink and I actually can't even remember the third one because the minute I saw the special drink last night, my eyes were focused on it.

The Hibiscus Rum Punch.


I don't even like dark rum, but I had faith in the bartenders that this drink would be a good choice.

I was right! All three of us who ordered the Hibiscus Rum Punch were in love at first sip, nicknaming the drink 'pirate juice.'

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It wasn't just rum and hibiscus, there was cinnamon in it too and some other magical ingredients that came together deliciously to quench our thirst.

What Else is at Food Truck Tuesday?

And the drink paired pretty well with this Bianca pizza from Rustic Oven Wood Fire Pizza.


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