Jessica Stewart is a model from Machesney Park who is taking her career to new heights as well as opening up about something incredibly personal.

Jessica travels the world modeling for different brands and businesses. From posing in ads to magazine cover shoots, her life seems pretty glamorous. However, Jessica has been suffering in silence from Epilepsy. Jessica told WREX that she's never really opened up about her condition before, it's a tough thing for her to talk about.

According to WREX -

At 12 years old, Jessica signed a contract with Ford Modeling. Then at 16, she developed epilepsy. “I just started seizing out of nowhere and we couldn’t really get it under control,” said Stewart. It got so bad, she was forced to drop out of Harlem High School.

Jessica has to be careful about managing her epilepsy. She’s had seizures while on photo shoots, but focusing on her health and taking care of herself helps. Jessica will not let her condition slow her down or affect her career.

As for now, WREX details -

With the support of her parents, Jessica got her GED and pushed forward with modeling. Now she lives in Milan, and is living her dream.

To check out some of her work you can head here! To read her full story you can check it out here.

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