Picture this- you're walking down the Sinnissippi bike path with your kids and you see  another family walking towards you with their three dogs, all Pit Bulls.  You can tell they're a little rambunctious because it's evident that these adorable pups are the ones walking their humans.

As they get closer, you have a couple of options- if you're like me, you kindly ask if you can love all over these cuties, or...you slowly walk towards the other side of the path and avoid all contact.  Which do you choose?

If you chose, the latter, then there's an event being held in Rockford that I think you'd really benefit from- a Pitty Party.

No, we don't feel sorry for you because you don't love Pit Bulls, it's an actual pop up party being held by Care for Pets.

According to Eyewitness News, the parties will be held every month and the hope is to erase the stigma of pit bulls being a violent breed.

The parties will be held monthly until fall.

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