Imagine living in a town with only one store to shop at.  Yup, you heard that right.

I'm always fascinated by towns that have a really small population because it must be very annoying seeing everybody you know EVERYWHERE you go.  I live in a town of 150,000 and I still see people I know in the most random places and I tend to avoid them every chance I get.

You definitely wouldn't be able to dodge anybody in this extremely tiny town in Moonshine, Illinois because there's only ONE store you can shop at.


It's often considered a journey to find us. People from all over the United States come to us to try our world-famous Moonshine Burger.

Not only has this General Store/Restaurant been recognized by visitors all over the country, but CBS Sunday Morning Show even featured Moonshine on their show!

Moonshine Store was originally just a General Store with a Post Office and opened in 1912.  After being sold to family in 1982 and then in 2017, it's been a staple in the community and a destination for travelers all around the country.

What are they stopping for, though?


Each patty is a 1/2 POUND of fresh, unseasoned ground beef. They're handmade & you can order a single, double, triple, or quadruple!

Named one of the 'Top 25 Best Burgers in Illinois', the Moonshine Burger really does prove you don't need much to be the best!

Make sure to wear stretchy pants if you're trying to finish the entire burger, this thing is huge!  You can find their entire menu on their website, veggie burgers are also available.

If you plan on making a trip to this tiny town in Illinois, make sure to bring extra cash to take home some souvenirs and t-shirt so your friends know you visited one of the coolest towns in Illinois!

So where can you find Moonshine Store? 6017 E 300th Rd Martinsville, IL 62442.  They're open Monday - Saturday 6:00am - 1:00pm, closed Sundays.  The grill shuts off at 12:30pm, so don't get there late if you want a taste of the World Famous Moonburger!

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