When you can find it at Costco, you know it's a deal, and this deal will appeal to lovers of La Croix sparkling water.

I love a good sparkling water, it's like water... but better. But sometimes when you add up how much money you spend on, well, water, it can seem pretty pricey.

This is where Costco comes in.

While we don't have a Costco in the Rockford area just yet, we are going to have one by next summer, so get your membership now and read up on what you will soon be able to score at the ginormous store.

According to Delish, Costco is taking aim at La Croix with their new lemon, lime and grapefruit flavored sparkling waters.

If you grab the new Costco waters, they'll be just 23 cents each,  which is way more affordable than La Croix or whatever other bottled sparkling water you've been buying.

Will you try them?

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