Our kitchens... and our bars... are getting in on more fun each day as we stay home to save lives, this time, we're making White Claw Slushies.

I am no stranger to alcoholic slushies, frozen fruit and I go way back. Well, way back to when I was 21 and I figured mixing fruit and vodka was healthier than vodka and something else.

Who knows if that's right but hey I'm still here. Ironically the last time I had people at my apartment before the virus took over we made vodka slushies, but it looks like now I need to order some White Claw and get it on the White Claw slushie business.

As expected, these are pretty easy drinks to make, and probably pretty easy to drink too, so make sure your essential tasks are done for the day before you whip one up.

I'm gonna try watermelon White Claw and straberries, what about you?

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