You have just one day to scoop up one pound bags of Mrs. Fishers famous classic salty chips for an unbelievable price.

This Wednesday, November 21, head to the Mrs. Fishers factory shop at 1231 Fulton Ave. in Rockford for $3 one-pound bags of the Classic salty chips from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.. And here's the best part, there is no limit to the amount of bags you can buy. Making this a perfect opportunity to stock up for the holidays. The kids will constantly be looking for something to snack on. Plus, nothing goes better with a leftover turkey sandwich than a handful of chips.

Mrs. Fishers One Day Only, No Limit, Hot Bag Of Chips Sale
Mrs. Fishers via Facebook

Mrs. Fishers will be frying up over 12,000 potatoes for this event.

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