lopifit.com[/caption]Could this be the healthiest bike ever made? The world's first electric walking bike, The Lopifit.

You'll definitely get the looks as your cruise by Nicholas Conservatory on this sweet machine. You may be wondering who came up with the idea for this contraption? We live in a world now where very imaginative, creative, resourceful people can create and build anything. Last week we learned there's a special tongue-like device you can stick in your mouth so you can lick your cat, today it's the Lopifit Electric Walking Bike. From lopifit.com:

Lopifit started as a small idea when Bruin Bergmeester, the founder of the Lopifit, was exercising on his cross trainer in his garage, wondering “How can I use the treadmill outdoors?


The Lopifit bike comes in 5 different colors and is available in these locations.

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