Did you know that the official city bird of Rockford is the Peregrine Falcon? Not only that, we have a female falcon named Louise who lives atop the Rockford Register Star Building. There's a live camera set up on her nesting site. Every year a male falcon comes to Rockford, and they have chicks.

This year Brian, a falcon from Wisconsin won Louise's heart.

If you're a bird lover, or even just somebody who works from home and needs some entertainment, this live feed is action packed. Especially now that the babies are hatching. Louise laid 5 eggs, and the hope is there will be 5 chicks. The best part is that Rockford gets to help name the chicks.

So now that Rockford's Peregrine Falcon eggs have started to hatch, we want your ideas to name the chicks!

You can submit your creative ideas here for a chance to win a prize pack that includes:

  • $50 Wild Birds Unlimited Rockford
  • Membership Klehm Aboretum
  • Membership National Audubon Society
  • $50 Fresco in The Garden
  • Official City Bird T-Shirt compliments of Silky Screens (Still available for purchase)

Submit your ideas by May 23 at 11:59pm. You can watch the live stream right here.

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