A sign that we're getting just a bit closer to living a normal life again, a drive-in not too far from Rockford is showing a double feature with two brand new movies.

I never thought I'd see the day where I would marvel at the idea of two new flicks playing back-to-back but we're here and if you can believe it, here for the first time all year.

Before the pandemic hit, there weren't any drive-ins open in the Rockford area. Then all the major movie theater chains closed down and the release of new flicks stopped.

When the drive-ins started to carefully open up, they didn't have any choice but to show classic flicks.

Months later, we finally have a double feature showing two new releases, and of course, just as the weather is starting to cool down. Meaning, there might not be too many more weekends to see a drive-in show.

If you're a fan of the flicks like I am, I'm sure you don't even care what's playing.

This weekend at the Midway Drive-In, the #1 movie in the US, The New Mutants will play back-to-back with Bill & Ted Face The Music.

Order tickets in advance through the Midway Drive-In website, and don't forget the food permit.

The Midway Drive-In is located at 91 Palmyra Road in Sterling.

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