Summer's here and you know what that means- 96 fun filled days of backyard BBQs, pool parties and bonfires; and guess what makes those gatherings even more fun? Party...or, depending on how much fun you really want to have, drinking games.

If you really want to get to know the people around you, the best game to play is "Never Have I Ever," the party game that lets you and your guests make a statement about something they may have done...or never done, by starting with the phrase, "never have I ever." If at some point in your life you've done that particular activity, you take a drink.

Wanna play?

I've put together a Rockford edition for you; and since you're probably playing along at work, let's mix it up a bit.  For everything you HAVE NOT done, give yourself one point, and then share your results in the comments.

  • Never Have I Ever....
  • Had Beef-a-Roo cheddar fries
  • Seen Cheap Trick in Concert
  • Purchased a t-shirt from Rockford Art Deli
  • Been to an IceHogs game
  • Taken a stroll through Anderson Japanese Gardens
  • Eaten at Lino's.
  • Gone for a boat ride down the Rock River.
  • Been to Stroll on State
  • Walked in and around Nicholas Conservatory
  • Played or picnicked in one of Rockford's parks
  • Floated down the Kish
  • Went sledding at Twin Sisters Hill
  • Hit up City Market
  • Spent a hot, summer day at Magic Waters
  • Shopped at CherryVale Mall

How many did you get?

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