They say there's a first for everything and this week, something happened to me for the very first time on Facebook...I was deleted and blocked. Now, normally I'd be upset and be quick to question why someone wouldn't want to be friends anymore, but this time I actually got a chuckle over it. Why? Because it was over something political.

I won't get into the ridiculous details but I'll just say this, I was called horrendous names (names I can't even repeat in writing) and blocked after I defended the women who were part of the women's march in Rockford last weekend. What it came down to was me telling these people, who demanded that people help them understand why they marched and what they accomplished, that these women don't owe anyone an explanation and stop trying to understand something that you a. don't want to understand and b. will never understand. Just.stop.

If you've encountered some of the same issues on Facebook, but you're either way too mature to be so quick to jump to the dump, or you really do want to stay friends with that person but don't want to see their political prattle, there is an app for that.

According to TMJ4, there's a new plug in that will hide most, if not all, of your political posts, with the exception of memes. (at least those are kind of funny and easily skippable) It's called Remove All Politics from Facebook and it "adds an "off" button to your browser, letting you toggle politics on or off. After turning it on or off, you must reload Facebook for the change to take effect."

Reviews of the app vary, saying that about 50% of political posts were gone from their news feed, but everything else seems to be the same. Users suggest trying the app for yourself, ignore the posts you already see, unfollow the political pukers or maybe just get some new friends.

Or just do what I do, grab some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show.


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