Meet Rogue, a young pup that was left on the side of the road with tape around it's muzzle and cans attached to her tail; she was brought to Noah's Ark by a family that was on their way to pick up a dog they were adopting in Chicago. She's been at Noah's Ark for a few days and she's ready for her forever home.

Rogue is a very sweet girl, shy at first, but if you just gently put out your hand for her to sniff, she'll calmly come right up to you for some pets. She's very affectionate and trusting for a dog who was left out in the middle of no where with signs of abuse.

If you’d like to meet Rogue, please contact Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary at 815-962-2767 or visit 111 N 1st Street, Rockford, IL.

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