New year means a bunch of new laws. A new Illinois law will allow students to be excused from school for two hours to vote. Isn't that incredible? Governor Pritzker signed the new law on Wednesday of this week.

WREX details -

The legislation allows students to leave school for two hours to vote in a primary, general, special or any election which propositions are submitted to a popular vote in Illinois.

Students can be excused to exercise their right to vote on a day in which early voting is offered or on the day of the election.

Under the legislation, the school may specify the hours in which students may be excused.

Governor Pritzker said -

With this new law, our voting-eligible young people will have the freedom to fit voting into their school day without fear of repercussion for engaging in the very civic education we should all be proud to encourage.  The young people who advocated for this legislation recognized how important it is not only to vote, but to make the act of voting as accessible for all who can vote as possible.

The new law goes into effect June 1, 2020.

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