Is that you, Emily? Hannah? Meredith? Conner? Whoever you are, there's a martini with your name on it in Midtown. 

Tis the season to drink a holiday martini.

I mean it's pretty much always the season to drink a martini, even a chocolate martini is just fine every month of the year, but the peppermint ring? That's what you need to get your hands on right now!

When I lived in L.A. the entire entertainment world pretty much shut down between December 10th-ish until the new year and sometimes I think we should all do that.

Wouldn't it be such a blessing to not have to go to work for three weeks and get to enjoy all of the holiday things without worrying about having to go to work?

Especially holiday martinis.

The latest martini to land in my Facebook feed is from Ernie's Midtown Pub, which just opened a few months ago in Rockford.

The martini is packed with holiday 'spirit,' with Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, Jackson Morgan Peppermint Mocha and creamer. Plus that crushed peppermint rim.

That would be my top pick on the Winter Cocktail Menu, but the other recipes sound pretty good too.

Trace Leches, Winter Sangria, Vanilla Irish Mule and Oh Clementine.

Ok, fine, you know I would probably order all of them, except the Trace Leches. I just don't do nutmeg.

What spirits are you enjoying this holiday season?

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