I blame this statistic on the fact that you can turn your video off during a virtual work conference call. If it's just your voice on the call, you can truly be doing WHATEVER you want on the other side of your screen. Including having a drink on your 9:00 AM call.

But it's fine, because apparently everyone else is doing it too. We're not talking those Zoom happy hours you have. We're talking cracking a beer with lunch while you're still virtually clocked in.

Alcohol.org​ conducted a study of 3,000 employees working from home across the country to see how their work from home set up includes a beverage or two.

WIFR details -

23% of respondents in Illinois admitted to drinking as a whole while working from home. Residents of Hawaii (67%) are the most likely to drink at home while working, while residents of Arkansas at 8% are the least likely to drink.

So what is the best drink to pair with a work from home day? According to WIFR -

For the entire country, beer is the most commonly consumed alcoholic beverage that people are drinking while working from home with 38% of Americans surveyed saying just that. This is followed by cocktails at 26%, wine at 21% and spirits straight at 15%.

Cheers to the WFH life!

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