I have always heard that when there isn't much to do people tend to just drink to make up for the boredom.

Now, I'm not entirely sure whether that's actually true or not but I can see some evidence of it when it comes to the drinkiest cities in America.

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That's because the areas that are high up on the list don't have a whole lot going on.

Sure there might be some tiny events happening here or there but outside of that not much happening in the neighborhood of good old American entertainment.

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That said, 24/7 Tempo just posted The Drunkest Cities in America, and shockingly, five of the top ten most blasted are in Wisconsin.

I mean, sheesh, that's quite a bit of drinking going on in one state and just to put it out there I'm certainly not making light of the findings as I know firsthand what alcoholism can do to a family.

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Anyway, in the top five, there are two cities in Wisconsin. At #5 is La Crosse-Onalaska with the percentage of adults who drink excessively at 26.26%.

La Crosse via Google Maps
La Crosse via Google Maps

That's a wild number but it gets a bit more inebriated because the folks in Eau Claire have LaCrosse beat by just a few percentage points at 26.43%.

Eau Claire via Google Maps
Eau Claire via Google Maps

For me, it's hard to wrap my head around why so many cities in Wisconsin are on the list, but if there's one thing the fine folks in the Dairy State can be pleased about, it's the fact that they're not considered the absolute drunkest (or second drunkest) city in America.

The two cities that drink themselves under the table more than any other in America are Missoula, Montana (#2) and St. Cloud, Minnesota (#1).

Do you think there's a reason so many Wisconsin cities are on the list? Tell us.

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