This just in, there is more than just one Rockford in the United States.

Actually, there are 10 cities named Rockford, with two in Indiana, one in Iowa and another in Michigan.

Because of that, sometimes news gets a little messy and confusing. There are just too many cities named Rockford.

A prime example of a news source realizing the hard way there's more than one Rockford comes from the Facebook watchdog group, Rockford Public Forum.

A totally innocent mistake, the Rockford Public Forum shared a picture warning Rockford residents of a thief stealing deliveries off people's porches.

The problem, it's not our Rockford. It's Michigan's Rockford. It appears that the thief is still at large in Rockford, Michigan so who knows, she may have come to Rockford, Illinois to hide out.

If you see this Flash t-shirt wearing Christmas present stealing Grinch, you should probably call the police, regardless of whichever Rockford you reside.

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