Wisconsin is home to this very unique museum and it is no surprise.

Wisconsin Is A Unique State

If you take an individual look at each of the fifty states in the United States, of course, they are each going to have their own unique characteristics. One particular state stands out in my mind and that is Wisconsin. They definitely march to the beat of a different drummer. It is not a bad thing. I appreciate the fact that the residents are not afraid to be themselves.

Welcome to Wisconsin sign in Superior, WI
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Things That Are Popular In Wisconsin

I believe the uniqueness begins with what the residents of Wisconsin enjoy and hobbies. I came up with a top ten list of their favorite things. The more you can combine together, the better.

  • Green Bay Packers
  • University of Wisconsin Badgers
  • Beer
  • Cheese
  • Brats
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Fish Fries
  • Wearing Camouflage
  • Polka Music
Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals
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Wisconsin's Favorite Type Of Music

If I had to name the favorite music of the residents of Wisconsin, I would have to say it is definitely Polka. It is the ultimate beer drinking music and our neighbors to the north love their beer. They even play "Roll Out The Barrel" at Green Bay Packers games. That combines three of their favorites Packers, beer, and polka music.

The Official Instrument Of Polka Music

If I had to name the official instrument of polka music, I would have to answer the accordion. Without it, I do not think a song could even be considered a polka. That would be like "Don't Fear The Reaper" without the cowbell.

Accordion Museum In Wisconsin

When there is an interesting and popular person, place, or thing, it is a good idea to have a museum for it so fans can learn more about the history. Who doesn't love themselves a little bit of accordion music? It just makes sense that there is an accordion museum for people to visit. Plus, there is no surprise that it is located in Wisconsin. It could not have a better home.

Information About The Accordion Museum In Wisconsin

This famous museum is called "A World Of Accordions Museum." It is located in Superior, Wisconsin.

According to WorldOfAccordions.org, 

"1300 instrument examples and over 1500 artifacts from all parts of the world have been provided for your education and amazement."


"We hope to stimulate your awareness of the cultural importance of these instruments and their significance in modern life."


"This museum is organized as a self-guided facility with numerous explanatory signs to help you along the path from earliest to modern state-of-the-art examples."

I would definitely consider this place a Wisconsin thing. If I am ever in that area, I will stop to check it out. For more info, HERE.

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