We've spent many Thursday mornings helping puppies visiting our studios find forever homes. Take a peek and see if your family can help with this request.

This time, the kitties, and the puppies, need a little assistance. Via their Facebook page, Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary made a very special request. The team on the ark have been helping with several accidental litters and this littles have some special dietary needs.

The puppies are in desperate need of Liquid Puppy Milk Replacer. There are no special brand requests but the little fur babies like the premixed cans. The kitties on the ark also need kitten formula.

If you have any empty one gallon jugs lying around, Noah's Ark also needs those (make sure they have lids before dropping them off at the ark). Also, distilled water is on their list of needs, as well.

We need a little help from our community! We’ve been helping out with a lot of accidental litters lately and have run...

Posted by Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary, Inc. Rockford IL on Monday, February 8, 2021

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary is located at 111 N. 1st. Street in downtown Rockford. You can also visit noahsarkanimals.org.

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