Think about all the teachers you've had, specifically the ones with whom you had a strong connection. They likely had one thing in common and this 5th grader nailed it.

Congratulations to 97ZOK's brand new Teacher of the Week

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Mrs. Pleshkewych "Mrs. P" from Brookview Elementary in Rockford, Illinois.

Mrs. P was nominated by one of her students, Annabelle, who quickly pointed out in her nomination letter, that one thing ALL teachers we connected with have in common.

I nominate Mrs. Pleshkewych my 5th teacher from Brookview Elementary School as Teacher of the Week. Children go through many different teachers in their lives. There are good ones and there are okay ones. Mrs. P is one of the good ones. She is so fun and one of the best teachers I have ever had. In her classroom, there is a wheel. She lets us spin the wheel. If the wheel lands on 'homework in', for example, and if we had all of our homework in we get a prize. But, if it lands on 'class winner', we automatically get the prize. Mrs. P just started something fun and new with vocabulary. We are learning a lot about new vocabulary and we have a test almost every Friday. On Thursdays, we would review it, but it isn't any boring reviewing. We always play some type of fun reviewing game like Bingo. We have played many rounds of Bingo in the past weeks. Not only is Mrs. P really super fun, but we also learn a lot from her. Before I was in Mrs. P class, I had no idea what a preposition was but now I can recognize them in any sentence. I love to read, but before Mrs. P class I would only read one genre - fantasy. Now she has me reading historical fiction to mystery novels all because she did the 40-book challenge. The 40-book challenge is a challenge for all the students to read 40 books before the end of the school year. It has got me reading different genres that I didn't know I would enjoy. Mrs. P classroom is always bright and cheery. It makes me happy to be in an environment like that. She is very kind and willing to talk to the students. This is why I think Mrs. P should be Teacher of the Week.


As Teacher of the Week, Mrs. P was surprised with a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and money to spend at WM Day Spa Salon.

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