The name that has become synonymous with delicious tacos in the Stateline, is now in an entirely different business. And, it could save you lots of money.

Olivo Doorbuster opened their doors for the first time on Friday, November 6 in the former Pier 1 store at 6325 E. State Street in Rockford. When I saw their sign go up a few days ago, I honestly thought they were going to be opening a 'brick & mortar' taco shop. Boy, was I wrong.

What is Olivo Doorbuster? It's an opportunity to buy InstaPots, or a mini-fridge or even rugs, for just $10. Those were some of the deals shoppers scored on opening day, according to

How Olivo is able to offer these items, and many more, at such tremendous discounts, is a pretty interesting story. When we return merchandise we bought, for whatever reason, the stores sell them at lower prices rather than putting those items back on the shelf. This is where Olivo Doorbuster come in.

"We come in and we offer to buy the mystery trucks. We don't know what's in the truck. We take it, we buy them, we put it out here for the community, the public and let them decide what they want to get." said Mahmid Zatar (one of Olivo Doorbuster owners)

Right now, the owners of Olivo Doorbuster plan to operate the store for one year.

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