Who says you need to be located on the ocean to have one of the best waterfront restaurants in America?

Obviously, it does help though. Considering this was the lone restaurant on the list from the folks at Thrillist that isn't located off a massive body of water.

This one, it's merely located on the Chicago River.

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Thrillist put together a comprehensive run down of the Best Fresh Seafood Restaurants on the Water and said RPM in Chicago belongs.

Seafood doesn’t get any chicer than this swanky riverside icon, a multi-level hot spot owned by local celebs Bill and Giuliana Rancic. And while you’ll likely need to have a celebrity income to comfortably dine here, it’s well worth the expense for some of the highest quality—and unabashedly glam—seafood in the Midwest.

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Truth is, it doesn't get much better than an evening out dining on the Chicago River.

I haven't had the chance to eat at RPM Seafood but I did make the pilgrimage into Chicago for Rancic's RPM Steak.

I'm not trying to be reductive but if it's anything close to the experience I had at their meat restaurant I have a feeling I'll enjoy their fish joint too.

David G. called the food "top-notch" in his review of RPM Seafood on Yelp but Sang D. had a different opinion calling it "Insanely priced for terribly mediocre food. This place screams soulless corporate restaurant in every aspect."

Now I don't know what to think. Next time I'm in Chicago, I'll try it myself.

RPM Seafood is located at 317 North Clark Street.

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