Don't worry, the curds aren't going anywhere... but there is one major change happening at one of your favorite restaurants in downtown Rockford. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Rockford and the surrounding towns are full of delicious food!

It really is a huge difference than some other places in Illinois.

You know the suburbs aren't quite as lucky to have so many small businesses succeeding in the restaurant world, but Rockford sure is and one of those restaurants just announced a big change.

You've likely been to Abreo sometime in the last (almost) 18 years.

Or if you haven't, you've been to Social.

Or you've eaten from the Disco Chicken truck.

Or you've had a cocktail from Vee Dubs.

Or you've tried an ice cream sandwich from Bad Humor.

Or a wedding you've attended has been catered by the Abreo team, which is led by Paul Sletten.

Yeah, he's a busy guy, he runs ALL of those entities and that probably includes a lot of things we don't know about in the background.

Well, for the next year, you won't be able to get those foods in a catering capacity.

Paul shared the following message on social media this week:

If you've already booked Abreo Catering for your event in 2023, they will still be there for you, but if you were hoping for some of their amazing dishes at any other events, you'll just have to make a reservation.

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