Bachelors Grove Cemetery located in Midlothian, Illinois is said to be one of the most terrifying and haunted places in America.

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The cemetery has been around since the mid-1830s after it was settled by the Irish, English, and Scottish immigrants. No one has been buried there since the 1950s, but those who still visit whether for family or paranormal investigations have had a ghost experience. The cemetery was featured on Travel Channel's "Most Terrifying Place in America," and "Ghost Adventures."

You know me, I like walking in the cemetery but after watching this video I may have to skip this one. People have been known to be touched, some have seen a lady in white and creepy noises. The cemetery has been known to be a place for teens to "hang out" and some have vandalized the headstones and gravesites. You see something like this and you hope that someone can try and fix the headstones, that's if they dare step on the grounds.

The cemetery area is also linked to one of the most famous gangsters of all time Al Capone. Supposedly, Capone would shoot people and put the body in the pond which is next to the cemetery. So, count me out on this one you know me I am all talk until it comes to doing investigations and then I'm out.

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