The story of Alan Saint George and his wife Adrianne is as lovely and artistic as it is heartbreaking and sad.

WQAD shared the story of Saint George's and their massive 63 room Havencrest Castle in nearby Savanna.

They covered the heart-wrenching story of Adrianne's sudden death and the life she left behind.

Saint George told WQAD, "Our anniversary clock on the table. It's stopped at three o`clock. You`ll see a lot of clocks throughout the house stopped at three o`clock. That's because that's the time of our marriage."

That's the kind of love and devotion Saint George had for his wife. All these years later, there are reminders of their relationship strewn through the castle.

Now you can see it for yourself. Havencrest Castle, dubbed "A Kingdom Where Love Reigns" will be open for public tours starting in October.

A trip from Rockford to Savanna is roughly an hour and twenty minutes. It almost looks like you're stepping into a fairytale.

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