What are you promising to do in the new year? I have a few things that I'm hoping to follow through with. And it couldn't be any easier for us all to do.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about something he had posted on his Facebook page regarding shopping locally. We discussed that if each individual in Rockford (there are 150,000 of us) spent $100 shopping locally every year, it would put $15 million dollars back into our city's economy each and every year. Which would also lead to creating more jobs.

If people stepped back and looked to see where their money went, the local impact it could have would be monumental. We all spend money, where we spend it is the question.

-Daniel Stevens (Rockford business owner)


One Small Promise in 2017 Could Mean Big Money for Rockford

A few things you easily spend a hundred bucks or more on:

  • A Starbucks coffee everyday
  • A new purse
  • A meal
  • A TV
  • Car repair

Next time you're headed out shopping, consider hitting up all the local spots. There are so many great shops, stores, boutiques, and restaurants in Rockford that you can hit up. Most of them you probably don't even know about. There are so many ranging from flower shops to art studios to cafe's . If you aren't sure where to start then click on this link to find out more.

Here's an easy way to remind yourself to spend some of your money locally, we'll call it the 'Five Dollar Promise' - every time you have a $5 bill in your purse or wallet, spend it at a local business.


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