So it's the week of Christmas and you totally forgot to buy a gift for your best friend, or your mom, or your sister... you can probably pick it up at 510 Threads. 

So many Rockfordians have been trying to shop local this year, me included and I finally made it over to 510 Threads at the end of last week.

I got something for my mom and multiple somethings for me and realized that I probably could've tackled five or six people on my list too.

There are some really funny napkins are lists that I can't share with you, totes inapprops, but plenty of appropriate things, too.


If you have more gifts to buy this week, find a way to shop local, maybe 510 can help you!


They're open Monday from 1-5pm, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11-6pm and Thursday from 11-4pm.

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