There's something special about this Teacher of the Week and we are so glad we got to celebrate her before the school year was over.

Congratulations to our brand new teacher of the week, Mrs. Cory from Windsor Elementary School in Loves Park.

Mrs. Croy won delicious dessert from Nothing Bundt Cakes and beautiful flowers from Broadway Florist.

Mrs. Croy  was nominated for the honor by a mother of one of her students, Dana Mead.

Dana writes:

Mrs. Cory deserves to be teacher of the week because of how patient and attentive she is with all of her kiddos.

My son has ADHD and she goes out of her way to accommodate his needs and stays in touch with me every step of the way. Anytime my son is struggling, she will call me from her personal cell phone on her own time, outside of school hours, just to talk to me about anything that’s going on and how we could resolve the problem as a team.

She is a fantastic person inside and out and deserves this recognition more than any other teacher out there. So please, when taking your nominations into consideration, please consider Mrs. Cory because she is a great teacher to all of her kiddos.

Congratulations to all of the teachers who we've named Teacher of the Week this school year, we can't wait for the fall!

Ok, we can take summer first.

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