This has been a tough week for Cubs fans. First, we get the news that Kyle Schwarber and Albert Almora have been shown the door (non-tendered, in baseball terms), now it's Len Kasper following close behind.

At least he's not going very far. He probably won't even have to move, because he's going to work in same town, but now it's on the south side as the new Chicago White Sox radio play-by-play man. Len has often spoken of his love of radio broadcasting, so we've got that much in common.

He also wants to call a World Series. There was no chance of that as long as he was the TV voice of the Cubs, because as you may know, when it comes down to the playoffs and World Series, the network guys take over and the home-team guys take a seat until the Spring. The radio broadcasters don't have to give up their seats to anyone, and get to call the entirety of the playoffs and World Series as the team advances.

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Word has it that Chris Myers, a long-time sportscaster with experience calling all the major events in sports is going to be named as Len's replacement. As I've been following this story on social media, it's become pretty clear that Cubs fans are not at all pleased with that.

Well, we were told that 2020's off-season would be a painful one for Cubs fans, and that the pain isn't over yet. Who is the next Cub domino to fall? Any guesses?

Regardless, my household will be missing Len Kasper on the call for the Chicago Cubs. Thanks for the sixteen great years, Len.


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