You've seen the photos on Facebook and Instagram, but what is Knockerball?

For months I've been following Knockerball Rockford on social media, mesmerized by the fact that people were actually inside those giant inflatable balls.

But what exactly is Knockerball?

I finally found out when Patrick gave me a quick lesson in Knockerball-ing.

Turns out, Knockerball is pretty much whatever you want it to be.

Whether you want to joust with friends (which is just literally running into each other) or you want to get in the Knockerballs to play soccer, tag or Capture the Flag, you can pretty much do anything with KB Rockford.

Though I would recommend picking a less humid day than I did to try it out. It is hot in there!

Huge thanks to Patrick for teaching me the Knockerball Rockford ways!

If you want to teach me how to do something, just let me know on Facebook, on Twitter or on YouTube.


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