If you use Venmo, the cash sharing app, then you need to know about this new scam that's going around that involves the app.

If you get a text message from the app then that's where you need to careful of the scam. WAND details -

The scam works like this. You will get a text message telling you your Venmo account is about to be charged, and if you want to cancel the withdrawal you need to log on and decline it. The message lets you log on with any phone number and password, even if you enter the wrong password. It then asks you to verify who you are by entering the bankcard number and other personal and financial information.

It all looks legit. It has the same colors and layout of the normal Venmo app. Do not use the text to enter into your account. Instead, go directly to the Venmo app or the internet site.

If you think you've fallen victim to the scam please contact your bank immediately.

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